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How To Keep Your Mobilehome Skirting From Blowing Away

Vinyl skirting is popular--it's inexpensive and installed quickly. Since it's lightweight, it can also be torn off and blow away on a windy day. How can you secure your skirting? Here are a few tips:

1. Secure to the bottom track with additional nails or screws nails to the bottom track.

2. Add additional support behind the skirting by first securing pressure-treated 2x4 to the ground, then securing the skirting to the 2x4.

3. Install windrods, which are metal supports which slide into the skirting seams and hook up underneath the top lip of the upper track. Windrods help secure the panels without the need for screws at the top.

4. DO NOT use nails or screws along the top of skirting panels--they need to move freely in response to expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes.

5. Avoid repeated removal and re-installation of skirting panels by installing an access panel. If you install only one door, make sure it's closest to your main water shut-off.

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