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Need A Roof Replacement? What Type Is Best?

There is an abundance of new choices today for manufactured home roof replacement, including engineered shingles made to look like cedar or tile, and metal roofs.

You have the option of adding a second layer of shingles over an existing shingle roof. Although some contractors may this recommend as a way to save money, there are many drawbacks to this method. Some local building codes prohibit two shingle layers, and most will not allow a third.

Metal roofs can last longer than shingle roofs with regular maintenance. Adding a spray-on, reflective roof coating product specially formulated for mobilehome metal roofs protects against moisture and reflects heat, which keeps your home's interior cooler in the summer.

Another option is self-stick aluminum roofing, which reflects heat and defends against leaks. There are also a number of roof-over systems designed to overlay older MH metal or shingle roofs. High end systems are usually the same as those used on conventional homes. You can install a layer of foam below them to increase insulation.

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