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Manufactured Home Ceilings: Repair or Replace?

Many manufactured home ceilings are tile or ceiling board. Ceiling tiles are generally 16" or 4' wide and run the width of the home. Some are held up with screws and rosettes. others screwed up at the seams and covered with a plastic spline.

If the tile becomes wet and sags, it will generally not come out. Very slight sags may be corrected by rewetting the tile and holding it into for several days. Another option is to push the panels up at the seams, cover with boards, and screw into place using long screws, but this sometimes causes the panels to break. And to make the ceiling look symmetrical, you must then add these boards to every seam in the room.

When a ceiling tile becomes damaged, it can be nearly impossible to find a matching replacement board. The best option is often to build a new ceiling. Common types of replacement ceilings are suspended and sheetrock.

A suspended ceiling (tiles set in a grid) can be installed just below the existing ceiling. Any of the old ceiling that is loose should be removed to prevent it from falling on the new ceiling.

When installing sheetrock ceilings, weight is a consideration. Using half-inch sheetrock is much lighter and less apt to cause problems than 3/4 inch, but requires joists or supports every 12 inches.

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